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Notable Representations for Insurance Policyholders

Mr. Denver represents policyholders in disputes with insurance companies.  At the Denver Law Firm and in his prior experiences, Mr. Denver has represented numerous companies and individuals seeking to recover benefits under policies they paid premiums for, including:

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​  Directors and Officers Coverage

  • Guided the Adelphia bankruptcy trust through mediation and negotiated to obtain an additional $20 million payment from the cable company's D&O insurance carriers.

  • Secured payments for various defense costs and for fees awarded against hotel management company from company's Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance carrier.

  • Initiated negotiations with two D&O insurers of investment fund and a related company, ultimately obtaining agreement to share costs and pay millions of dollars for the defense of various claims alleging negligence, fraud and other wrongful acts.

Product Liability Coverage

  • On trial team that won significant verdict awarding product liability coverage for a manufacturing company and responsible for preparation of client expert.  

  • Helped negotiate settlement multimillion dollar claim brought by latex glove manufacturer

  • Obtained multimillion dollar payment on pharmaceutical company Directors and Officers (D&O) claim.

  • Participated in trial and post-trial motions against multiple insurers helping to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in coverage for asbestos liabilities.

  • Helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars for product liability losses

  • Current overage counsel for multinational corporation sued for product liability claims - conducted investigation leading to discovery of hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance coverage and successful resolution of all product liability claims to date.  

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions/Malpractice/Sexual Harassment Insurance Coverage

  • When insurance carrier neglected malpractice claim against a law firm, Mr. Denver first negotiated for hiring new counsel to more effectively defend client law firm and then later convinced the insurance carrier to fully fund settlement and resolve the lawsuit prior to trial. 

  • Client law firm provided specific legal services. Client was presented with claim that insurance carrier denied based on exclusion for those same services.  The Denver Law Firm helped client to resolve the claim and successfully obtained insurance payment. 

  • Law firm partner was accused of sexual harassment and The Denver Law Firm convinced two insurance carriers to provide coverage and successfully resolve claim prior to litigation.

  • Client alleged she was victim of professional malpractice but defendant's insurance company claimed there was no available insurance coverage.  The Denver Law Firm mediated the claim and was able to secure sufficient funds to settle the matter for client's satisfaction. 

  • Client's broker claimed to have secured workers compensation coverage but failed to notify client when coverage was cancelled.  The Denver Law Firm successfully negotiated with broker's E&O insurance carrier and resolved employee worker compensation claim.  

Environmental and Underground Storage (UST) Claims

  • Secured payment of millions of dollars for environmental damages paid by pharmaceutical company.

  • Convinced an insurance company to reverse denial of coverage for soil damage caused by leaking underground storage tank ("UST") in New Jersey.  The carrier agreed to assume responsibility for the clean up and paid client tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Hired by clients after insurance broker told them there was no coverage for environmental damages at property. The Denver Law Firm investigated, located over thirty years of insurance coverage and convinced insurance carriers to pay for clean up of property. 

  • Has successfully procured coverage in a number of cases for oil tanks which leaked over 20-40 year period. 

Commercial General Liability/Workers Compensation Coverage

  • Successfully acquired coverage for a theater production company five years after liability was disclaimed by insurance company.

  • Moving company was sued by former client and company was not happy with representation provided by its CGL insurer.  The Denver Law Firm negotiated to have new counsel assigned, the case was re-evaluated and promptly settled to satisfaction of client. 

  • Owner of S Corp in process of shutting down faced five-figure fine from state officials for failure to place workers compensation coverage.  The Denver Law Firm documented the closing of the business and the fine was entirely rescinded. 

  • Client's family heirloom rings "disappeared" while client was undergoing medical procedure.  After insurance company refused to pay full value for the claim, The Denver Law Firm negotiated full payment on behalf to client. 

Hurricane Relief/Property Damage (Business Interruption)/Homeowners Coverage

  • Filed lawsuit in Ocean County, New Jersey for homeowner facing significant Superstorm Sandy losses. Lawsuit alleged bad faith by insurance company and negligence by broker who placed coverage. Case was successfully settled at mediation. 

  • Helped furniture company in NYC document business interruption claim and obtain insurance benefits post-hurricane. 

  • Supervised pro bono claims arising from Superstorm Sandy which led to mediation and settlement of claims for a number of homeowners in New York City and Monmouth County, NJ.

  • Successfully convinced insurance company to reverse full disclaimer of coverage for vacation home damaged by freezing pipes.

Life Insurance 

  • Client's stepmother attempted to change life insurance policy as client's father was dying.  The Firm filed multiple lawsuits on client's behalf and claim was settled on extremely positive terms. 

  • Client's former husband designated client as beneficiary of life insurance policies but neglected to update policies after birth of children and divorce from client.  After husband died insurance company refused to make beneficiary payments.  The Denver Law Firm counseled the client and full benefits were paid. 

  • Client did not know that family member had taken out a life insurance policy naming client as beneficiary but then took a large loan on policy exposing client to large penalty.  The Firm helped client resolve situation and remove potential liability. 

Health Care/Long Term Care Insurance 

  • Client was approved for long-term health benefits for two years before insurance carrier suddenly denied claim.  The Firm presented appeal arguments and coverage immediately restored. 

  • Client suffered from dementia.  Long Term Health insurance carrier approved benefits and then cancelled coverage after alleged delay in payments of premium.  The Firm advised client on counterarguments to restore coverage and benefits approved again within a few weeks. 

  • Client had emergency out of state procedure and insurance carrier denied coverage.  Firm helped client prepare notice to state Department of Banking and Insurance and doctors' claims were paid. 

  • Assisted client with late stage brain cancer who sought health care coverage for new promising treatment. who could not obtain coverage determination from his health insurer. Within 48 hours of being hired Mr. Denver convinced insurer to issue coverage decision and client was able to begin treatment shortly thereafter.

  • After insurer issued preliminary disclaimer of coverage for director of a home health care company facing fraud and RICO allegations, investigated facts, re-presented claims to insurer and secured agreement to pay client’s defense costs.

  • Client was sued by hospital for three-year-old unpaid medical bills. The Denver Law Firm sued the medical insurer and workers compensation insurer, quickly secured coverage and settled the case.    

Automobile Insurance

  • Client had accident after switching insurance companies.  Insurance carrier disclaimed coverage entirely.  The Denver Law Firm presented additional arguments and reached a beneficial settlement of the claim. 

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