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"My wife and I worked with Bill Denver on a Superstorm Sandy insurance claim. We have the highest respect and praise for his work ethic, professionalism, attention to detail and legal knowledge. Our outcome was extremely better than anticipated. His case research uncovered information in our favor that significantly leveraged our position vs the insurance carrier.

Bill was incredibly professional throughout the entire process. He explained the legal jargon to us very clearly so that we felt fully abreast of the developments. He was extremely responsive to our questions. He even reviewed our insurance documents for us going forward to ensure we are fully protected going forward. We felt like we had a friend on our side during this extremely stressful situation."

A "bulldog" in the best sense of the word

"I would have faced a severely depleted financial retirement future had it not been for Mr. Denver's patient persistence in pursuit of Insurance coverage related to the excavation and remediation required as a result of oil seepage from an abandoned oil tank discovered in the process of my selling the house in which I had lived for 40 years, The soil contamination was found to be deep and close to the house foundation, requiring multiple installations of steel foundation supports. With the cost of the remediation building close to 6 figures, and the Insurance Company I had for over 40 years denying my initial Homeowners policy claim, I had the good fortune to have a friend recommend retaining Mr. Denver at the Denver Law Firm.


Mr. Denver studied survey maps, engineer's and soil boring reports, and voluminous material and documents related to the Environment Company's work. He worked with me to gather as much documentation as I could find related to past insurance policies even though in the anticipation of moving, I had shredded ancient records. He pursued the Insurance Company to conduct a policy search, established sufficient proof of coverage going back many years, and through negotiations and persistence, and without litigation which could have taken years, successfully obtained for me a significant contribution from the Insurance company toward the cost of the remediation. Mr. Denver was thorough, professional, encouraging and supportive, and I would highly recommend his company and services without reservation."

Highly Recommended!

"We were faced with two legal disputes with contractors who did very shoddy work at our home and refused to fix their mistakes. Mr. Denver filed one lawsuit in Ocean County Special Civil Part and another in Monmouth County Superior Court, Law Division. He was able to successfully resolve both matters extremely quickly, without protracted litigation, and obtained a settlement which allowed us to fix the shoddy work.

Mr. Denver is not only knowledgeable about the relevant laws concerning our cases, he has a tremendous depth of experience and is an outstanding negotiator and litigator, which was clearly reflected in his dealings with the plaintiffs. He is also a brilliant strategist and tactician, a superb communicator and a sincere and caring advocate. He has a nearly photographic memory and pays attention to details. Mr. Denver had tremendous patience with us throughout the entire litigation process, keeping us up-to-date constantly as the cases progressed and explaining complex legal issues in a way we could understand and make informed decisions.


We spent a great deal of time searching and evaluating attorneys that could help us, and we are ecstatic and pleased with our choice and outcome. Unequivocally, you cannot get a better, more professional, first-rate attorney than Mr. Denver, and we wholeheartedly recommend him."

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