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Asbestos Insurance Coverage

Bill Denver has extensive experience representing companies that are being sued for personal injuries because their products allegedly included parts containing asbestos.  

Historical Insurance Policies

Mr. Denver has extensive experience helping companies locate historical insurance policies which may provide coverage for product liability claims.  In the course of his career Mr. Denver has helped his clients locate over $2 billion in insurance assets, including policies going back to the 1930's!

Asbestos Insurance Cases

  • Coverage counsel for Airport Products Manufacturer:  The Denver Law Firm was retained by a company which purchased a California company which had made products for airports and which allegedly contained asbestos.   At the time of retention the client had no insurance policies and was facing significant liabilities.  The Denver Law Firm prepared a strategy for locating insurance policies and putting insurers on notice. The Firm then identified key documents and located policies worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Firm next convinced various insurers to defend and indemnify the client.  Clients are currently being defended from ongoing claims. 

  • Coverage counsel for IMO Industries:  Mr. Denver served as counsel for IMO Industries, a Trenton, New Jersey manufacturer of pumps and turbines which are alleged to contain asbestos components.  Mr. Denver coordinated a search to locate historical insurance policies.  Mr. Denver assembled policy documentation for over $1.8 billion in coverage going back to the 1930's.  Mr. Denver then played an integral part in the litigation of the matter, including participating in trial and post-trial motions against multiple insurers.  The client ultimate won a judgment awarding over a billion dollars in coverage for past and future asbestos liabilities.

  • Coverage counsel for Warren Pumps:  Mr. Denver served as counsel for Warren Pumps, a Massachusetts company alleged to have manufactured pumps containing asbestos components.  Mr. Denver's team won a verdict in Delaware court which awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in coverage, including a ground breaking decision on allocation of insurance policies.  

  • Coverage counsel for European corporate client: A European conglomerate corporation purchased an American lighting products subsidiary and years later learned of potential asbestos liability.  Client's principal insurer initially disclaimed coverage.  Mr. Denver assembled the history of asbestos product coverage and convinced the insurer to withdraw the denial and pay all settlement and defense costs on behalf of client.

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