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Mr. Denver has experience handling civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts, as well as handling alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and arbitration.  

The Denver Law Firm is prepared to handle matters through initial assessment, negotiation, filing of pleadings, discovery, depositions, mediation, arbitration and/or trial. 

Internal Investigations

Mr. Denver has experience conducting internal investigations for companies.  For example, Mr. Denver investigated a defense contractor accused of failure to make payments and learned that the client had been harmed by intentional fraudulent acts former employees.  

Probate/Will Contest Litigation

Mr. Denver has experience litigating probate matters regarding the enforcement of wills.  Among the matters handled was defending an 85 year old woman's right to inherit her home from her long-time boyfriend, reaching a successful settlement. In another matter Mr. Denver challenged a "death bed wil"l and preserved his client's right to receive life insurance benefits upon the death of her father. 

Insurance Recovery


Over the course of his career Mr. Denver has helped companies and individuals secure payments for hundreds of millions of dollars from insurance companies under various policies and coverages including: Commmercial General Liability, Directors & Officers, Errors and Omissions (Malpractice), Aviation, Homeowners, Business Interruption, Advertising Injury, Product Liability, 

Environmental/Pollution and others. 


Mr. Denver has also helped businesses and families pursue insurance claims and obtain insurance recoveries for losses arising from Superstorm Sandy.   These clients in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Ocean County, New Jersey and New York City have collectively recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars to help rebuild and repair the damage done by Sandy. 


Outside General Counsel 


Mr. Denver advises businesses on how to prevent and manage legal disputes



Business Disputes

The Denver Law Firm provides advice and services to businesses including arbitration, litigating disputes among shareholders, handling arguments between contractors and clients, negotiating for control of web sites and resolving billing disputes. 


Criminal Law


Mr. Denver has handled hundreds of criminal cases, including taking a number of cases through trial to verdict. Mr. Denver has represented individuals facing criminal charges and those accused of violating restraining orders. 


The Denver Law Firm represents parties who have been the victim of comsumer fraud, particularly those who have had home contractors try to take advantage of them. Mr. Denver has litigated and successfully settled a number of Consumer Fraud Act claims involving construction contractors. 

 Consumer Fraud Cases 
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